Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Feminism Benefits Men

So tonight, stuck in my hotel, I went downstairs to the bar to ask for a fork. Just a fork.

Long story short, I ended up playing devil's advocate for feminism to a 47 year old white guy and a 52 year old black man. They kept buying me drinks and preventing me from leaving to continue the conversation.

This has left me with some conclusions:
A) Sexist men are generally of my father's or older generation. I still haven't met men my age who spout their unfiltered sexism. They are a dying breed.
B) Just because a man (or men) buy you drinks and discourage you from leaving doesn't mean they want to have sex with you (even in the case of these old, sexist men.)
C) Confidence is international currency among men. I went down there wearing gym shorts and a ratty t-shirt. When the two men began to berate me (shortly after meeting them) for my clothes, I quickly and shortly responded that I didn't need to be swathed in nice clothes to feel confident at a bar (which was a self-fufilling prophecy) and when they responded "The women aren't going to think much of you" I responded with "Then I won't think much of them." without hesitation. I had their unspoken respect from that point on.

Men are so easy to manipulate when you know their game plan. Man, I feel like a woman.

::trumpets and shit::

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