Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why This Blog Exists

I will shortly begin pointing to this page as I go gallivanting across the Internet spreading my opinion in the comment sections of some of my favorite blogs.

I mostly wanted to point out a few things about who I am and why I'm taking the time to put up and maintain this blog.

First off, I am a former journalist with a degree in journalism. Because of this, I put a great deal of weight in words -- how they are used and what is being said. Fact-checking, detecting logical fallacies or misdirection come naturally to me at this point, so when I butt heads with others on the internet I thought it was important I'd have a place to take my time to rebut or explore my opinions.

This is that place.

I am a man of many changing passions. Food, beer, cars, guns, computers, video games, technology, law, feminism, ideology, science, evolution, religion and politics (although the last hopefully minimally) are things that I've dabbled in over the past 10 years and have inclinations towards. Some inclinations are strong - some are weak. Others, still are belligerent. But this is my place to share them.

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