Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Feminism Matters (as in "It's Important")

I wanted to step back for a bit today to illustrate two things that might not be obvious to someone reading this blog.

1) Equality feminism is a movement that only a few, privileged cultures need.

2) Pickfork & Torch Feminism is still needed in the rest of the world.

Let this link illustrate my point:!5784793/the-virginity-tests-forced-on-egyptian-women-protesters

This is a travesty. This is horrible. This is disgusting and wrong. We need feminists to fight this battle. The enlightened men of the world cannot come in and fix this (as much as we might want to.) This is the dirty, uphill battle that the women there need to fight and I hope they come out victorious as soon as possible.

Bring the biggest guns you can find to that gun fight. You have the right to do that.

But when both sides' guns run out of bullets, fight with knives.
When both sides' knives become dull, fight with fists.
When everyone's fingers are broken, fight with words.
And when there are no more words, fight with peace.

When a movement comes closer and closer to its goal, you MUST de-escalate or risk becoming the tyrant you fought in the first place.

North American feminists have won every battle that they had a battle plan for. But now, the battle plan is gone, the patriarchy's walls have been breached and soon (within the next 20 years) the bonfires of male domination will be extinguished in this culture. It is time for the "All Pornography Is Rape" feminists to be stamped out and the equality feminists (or ifeminists) who can be reasoned with to reclaim their mission. But this isn't the kind of thing men can come in and do. No, we have to let the women fight this out - but only if those reasonable feminists (fun-fems - teehee!) recognize that their hard-earned title is being hijacked by radfems.

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